Premiere: NOMNOM brings a synthy heaven with “OK”

Brought to you by the combination of Don Diablo’s Hexagon label and the almighty Spinnin’ Records, We Rave You is proud to bring the exclusive premiere of NOMNOM‘s genre-defying track “OK”.

Debuting on Spinnin’, the emergence of the talent has certainly earned the attention of two of the industry’s biggest names. With 2015’s biggest selling house DJ/Producer, Don Diablo, signing him to the track to his sub-label, it’s definitely a big implication for what the future may hold. And with Don Diablo’s track record for quality releases, the proposition of more from known and unknown talents does become a rather attractive proposition.

Opening with a deep, synthy foundation, reminiscent of the some of Disclosure’s and Flume’s earlier work, NOMNOM creates a club-heavy atmosphere. Topped with busy beats and a dynamic rhythm, the track is littered with vocal snippets throughout. With the harder, lower bassline kicking in before the minute mark, the head-rolling incentive gains momentum. Featuring light FX and subtle additional layers, the synth-based bridge adds an emotional heightening aspect to NOMNOM’s work – Culminating in something we haven’t quite heard before.

And with NOMNOM’s lack of portfolio and details, the mystery of the names behind the track only deepens. Illusive from the outset, the consequential focus on his music is likely intentional when it’s as good as this. However, Don Diablo himself has shed some light on the matter…

This track is a mysterious side project from two producers that have been operating under another name for some time. The sound of this track is where I believe a lot of dancefloors will be moving towards in 2016 and beyond. Straight forward but clever techy grooves with a build that gets the crowds goings.

Check out the full preview below!

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