KSHMR & Headhunterz energetic collaboration gets a preview

KSHMR can truly be recognized as one of the fastest growing names across the mainstream Electronic Dance Music platform. With Remixes focused on variety for Kiiara‘s ‘Feels‘ and his own track with Shaun Frank, there is no doubt about his production quality. Another stamp to that were his ‘Delhi’ & ‘Jammu’ tracks and collaborations with the likes of up and rising ZAXX and Dzeko & Torres on ‘Deeper‘ & ‘Imaginate‘. And with that production know-how he heads to collaborate with another mastermind of production Headhunterz

Though there isn’t much about it on the internet, the track speaks as the proof. The track begins with Punjabi singing (from the song ‘Kulli Wichon Ni Yaar Labh Lai‘) and then led in further by a sweeping melody whose creator can be ascertained to be none other than Headhunterz. As for the drop, it is energetic, captivating and audibly has equal contribution from both artists. Until we get further news on this mesmerizing track, this preview is all we have.

More news to follow!

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