Asterjackers – Phoenix

Italian producers Ilias Brodolini and Matteo Mascioli, or better known as Asterjackers, have continuously grown as a duo within the industry. After their establishment in 2013, Asterjackers have been in a constant rise pleasing nightclub crowds and producing high-quality content. The two up-and-comers have had several releases on the label Virus T Studio Records including their first track “Extreme Rush” and their second track “Shake”. Both singles garnered a lot of success and support; however, Asterjackers have never looked back and have kept moving forward.

Walking through their path toward greater heights, the Italian duo has recently shown its ability to evolve as producers with a brand new release. Titled as “Phoenix”, their latest track presents a fusion between techno and progressive house styles. This underground tune delivers a particular groove that brings the club atmosphere to anywhere we are and as the title says, this new single is an absolute phoenix.

The track sends out an abundance of energy right off the bat with its nifty basslines and its beautifully oscillating chord progressions. Its eye-opening build-up features some vocals that suitably add another element to the track. The climax finally ensues and concludes the well-crafted track with its groovy beats, cadenced plucks, and overall high-powered delivery. “Phoenix” is undoubtedly a banger that will soon rock the clubs around the world and Asterjackers’ future is only looking much brighter once this masterpiece releases.

The track will be out on February 8th as a Beatport exclusive.