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The buzz for the blockbuster

Audiorockers & Matt Raiden – Dark Side (Star Wars Mix)

Home Uncategorized Audiorockers & Matt Raiden – Dark Side (Star Wars Mix)

The buzz for the blockbuster film ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is certainly still circling around even over a month after its release. George Lucas’ famous series has garnered millions of fans over the past few decades and one particular element people love about these films is John Williams’ brilliant Star Wars compositions.

With numerous electronic dance music producers giving their own flavor to these film scores, one recent standout is a well-supported electro house version of “Imperial March” titled “Dark Side”. The track was produced by up-and-coming artists Audiorockers and Matt Raiden and the results of this collaboration are nothing short of incredible.

Already achieving a vast amount of success, Czech duo Audiorockers have gained international prominence over the past year and their grind does not stop there. With the addition of their performances at big events such as Mácháč Festival and Smash the House Festival, Audiorockers’ direction should only head upwards especially with this massive collision of the EDM world and the galaxy far, far away.

Kicking off with the intimidating “Imperial March” progression, this remix sends out an insurmountable amount of energy right from the start. The inclusion of Darth Vader’s vocals saying “The power of the dark side” and his heavy breathing should undoubtedly get Star Wars and dance music fans ecstatic about this track. “Dark Side” then transitions into the hard-hitting and dynamic drop, which seems powerful enough to destroy any main stage at any festival. The force is strong with this one and thus, Audiorockers and Matt Raiden’s Star Wars mix is an absolute must-hear track.

“Dark Side” is available now for a free download, which you can grab here.


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