Cesqeaux gives us heavy trap bangers in EAUXMYGOD vol.2 EP

Cesqeaux, the young Dutch producer recently released his brand new EP full of trap hits and it’s safe to say that it doesn’t disappoint. For a genre that is perhaps sometimes over saturated with generic sounding tracks, the EAUXMYGOD EP gives us something a little different, and is a breath of fresh air.

The best track on the EP has to be Wylin 2, with its trance like saws during the buildup creating such tension before an earth shattering drop which is sure to cause ructions on dancefloors world wide. Coming as a close second on the EP is the track Colossal, the sound design here is something to behold, and the vocal samples used throughout the track really add substance to it as well as the atmospheric strings.

The production on the EP is top notch, and a lot of credit has to be given to Cesqeaux because of this, he’s definitely a young producer with a huge ammount of talent, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what else he has to offer. If it’s anything like the EAUXMYGOD EP then we’re definitely in for a treat, and no doubt these tracks go hard live, so we’re sure he can throw down an incredible DJ set too.

Listen to the EP below: