David Guetta opens up about the past of dance music and future plans in recent interview

David Guetta recently had an exclusive interview with German magazine, Musikmarkt. In the interview, he discusses the current state of dance music, collaborations, and his recent role as a music ambassador for the European Football Championship. The following interview has been translated from German, please excuse our brevity.


You’re making music for over 20 years. What has changed?
Early DJs were no Popstars. One could not really earn his livelihood. Today, many kids want to be a professional football player or DJ. I just hope that they want to be a DJ for the right reasons. The motivation should not be fame and money, but the passion, the love of electronic music. DJs are independent artists today. When I started to record albums with prominent, featuring guests was something new. Previously, the producers were in the background. Today DJ’s are also producers.

What has changed the music?
Electronic music always moves in cycles. The current trendy club sound is heavily influenced by 90s-House. EDM has become increasingly popular, so people will eventually get tired of what’s been made in recent years. Instead, relaxed, gentle beats will come back into fashion.

In a commercially trendy Deep-house area, two big German DJs Robin Schulz and Felix Jaehn are very successful. Have you ever heard of them?
Yeah, sure. Robin and I often went backstage at various events. I’ve even had him as one of my opening acts here. This is very exciting for the spectators, as we create and showcase completely different sounds. At the same time our tracks are also very melodic. Robin Schulz is very talented. He has already made ​​two remixes for me, including my current single “Bang My Head”.

For this track, you’ve worked yet again with Sia. She tends to shy away from the spotlight, hiding her identity. How was it working with her?
We get along very well and exchange ideas on a regular basis. We work together in the studio as well as via the Internet. She is the best singer / songwriter on the planet.

What makes her so special?
Her words, her melodies, her voice, her harmonies – that’s all unique.

What criteria do you use to choose the artists for your tracks?
Many producers hire other artists for tracks. I do this from time to time too, if I do not produce the track on my own. But if I am producing my own track, I think of no one in particular. Only towards the end I wonder, what artist would fit best with this track.

Your smartphone must be filled with contacts from collaboration partners such as Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Snoop Dogg. With whom David Guetta would you still like to collaborate with?
I don’t always like to go for known artists, talent doesn’t require fame. I like to support young artists and give them a platform to make them known to a wider public. But a requested partner would of course be Adele. She is unbelievable.

Adele refuses to offer her third album “25” on Spotify. Can you understand this decision?
I love Spotify – and Spotify loves me. I am one of the most streamed artists. I am always happy about it when fans listen to my music, I’m flattered. I use Spotify myself. And if I do it myself, I can’t refuse others to listen to my music. However this is ultimately a personal decision to be taken by each artist for himself.

You have over 2 billion listens, what do you say about the ongoing debate about the level of royaltie payments? Do you know for example, how much you make?
No, not really. But I am aware that unknown artists do not make a lot of royalties. For me it’s okay, I do not want to complain, since I am very often on the road. But there are many artists who publish the songs and do not have the opportunity to go on tour. For them, it is difficult to make a living from their music.

You are active on Instagram. How important is this platform and what distinguishes them from Facebook or Twitter?
I’ll be honest: My Facebook account has been growing over the years, so that today is ran by my team for the most part. Instagram is much more personal and very direct, that’s why I love it so much. I use Instagram very often – not only as an artist but also as a private user. Everything I publish in Instagram, comes from me.

What plans do you have for this year?
I am the UEFA Music Ambassador for the European Football Championship in France. For that I have produced the official EURO song.

Do you have any special collaboration in sight?
Yes, we have the track “This One’s For You”. But I can not tell you who it is, yet.

Will you watch some football games?
Sure. I’ll be in house during the final game. I get free tickets! (Laughs) The song I’m going to perform live at the opening ceremony as well as at the closing ceremony on 10 July in the Stade de France on 10 June. It’s incredibly exciting to be part of this huge soccer tournament in my home country. Music and football go hand in hand.



Source: musikmarkt