Don Diablo reveals two new tracks in recent Hexagon Radio episode

In the 51st episode of his ‘Hexagon Radio’ show, Dutch DJ and producer Don Diablo recently unveiled two special tracks he remixed. To kick off the show, he first premiered his remix of the song “Keeping Your Head Up” by English singer-songwriter Birdy. Don Diablo had the honor of being the only producer to officially remix the song and the results are undeniably astonishing. With his signature sounds alongside Birdy’s heartwarming vocals, this particular remix is definitely one to look forward to.

Another track was also revealed during the recent episode, which was his edit of a track titled “Chronic”. The artist(s) is(are) yet to be announced but considering that it is a Don Diablo edit, the track could be a future release on his label Hexagon. With these two tracks soon to be released, Don Diablo’s year is looking extremely bright and could even be more dominant than his already impressive 2015 campaign.

You can listen to the entire podcast here: