DubVision discuss their past and future plans in exclusive “Sweet Harmony” interview

In the run up to Christmas we met DubVision at Magnetic Festival in Prague – the biggest EDM festival in central Europe, focusing on leading artists in the scene. Hardwell, Nicky Romero, Avicii, Martin Garrix, Fedde Le Grand, Afrojack are just a few of those who already threw the massive set for over 12,000 attendees. Now on its 8th edition we got to talk one of the biggest pairs in the scene, brother duo DubVision. Renowned for progressive house oozing with melody and emotion, they’ve edged closer and closer to the highest ranks in the industry. It’s their journey to the top that remains their consistent basis of inspiration, so what better way to learn more than asking about their past, present and future.


1) Firstly, seeing as its New Year, how would you describe 2015 in a few words?

Victor: It was amazing, hectic and a lot of fun.

Stephan: In a few words, okay…Crazy especially the last part of the year we are doing some amazing collab’s that are coming up in 2016.

2) How has it been working with your brother producing music and touring the world?

Victor: It is good, you have someone to share everything with. Like if it is great gig like tonight you enjoy that together or maybe when it is like ‘sh*t’ when sound is not working or when people are not dancing we can share that too. And I have a lot of respect for people who are doing it on their own because I could not do it on my own to be honest.

3) Do you feel you two would be in the industry if you weren’t with your brother?

Victor: No I don’t think so, that’s why we are doing it together as DubVision.

Stephan: I would definitely be here even alone! (laughing..) Just kidding, it is very nice to work with someone, giving feedback, sharing the moments on stage with your brother etc.

4) What were some of your biggest inspirations when you were first starting?

Victor: Well, in the beginning I used to be into trance so stuff like Tiësto and others, then I moved more towards techno, DJ’s like Carl Cox…and then I became a big fan of the Swedish House Mafia members. Especially Axwell back in the days, such high quality within his tracks, that was really inspiring. Eventually Axwell contacted us to remix Discopolis’ track “Commited To Sparkle Motion”. For us that was amazing! We just started and already one of our biggest idols contacted us.

Stephan: Yeah, Axwell definitely was our biggest inspiration, that was before Swedish House Mafia started playing our tracks, which gave us lot of energy and pushed us forward.

5) Speaking of your relationship with Axwell, what was it like when he dropped your track “All By Myself” for the first time? Where were you?

Victor: I think the first time Stephan was in Miami during the WMC week and I was at home. We weren’t playing. We were more focused on producing tracks. Stephan went to LIV Miami or Story Club, when Axwell dropped it. He took a video and sent that to me. I never had that feeling – it could have been any DJ, but Axwell – wow…

Stephan: As Victor said. They started playing it during Swedish House Mafia’ sets during their tour and we got contacted because of the remix. Actually they immediately started playing that remix.


6) Turning to the present day, are there any ‘behind the scenes’ insights about DubVision you want to share with fans?

Victor: Actually I was trying to push the champagne away and I dropped whole bottle so… but we are shooting the video this weekend for our upcoming single “Sweet Harmony”.

Stephan: Biggest fail for the year might be my voice being f****d up at the moment, because of the microphone hype during the set. (laughing…)

7) And now heading towards another year, what does the future of 2016 have in store for DubVision?

Victor: More parties, bigger parties and we hope to make our friends and fans happy with the music we are going to release. So focusing on the music itself is the main goal.

Stephan: A lot of music, we are going to focus more on America and Asia. Basically we want to keep making good music, quality music and experiment with all kinds of beats, so it is not going to be only progressive house we used to make. We want to try new stuff all the time.

8) Are there any upcoming collaborations or singles that you can tell us about?

Victor: Yeah, as we said ‘Sweet Harmony’ coming out 4th January on Tiësto’s label Musical Freedom.

Stephan: We are currently working with Afrojack, so that’s going to be very big. Also we have a new original coming up early in 2016.

9) Speaking of future music, within the scene as a whole, who is an up-and-coming artist that you have enjoyed seeing grow?

Victor: Tough question, I think we have known Blinders for a while, like when he was smaller, he was really good already and is still making a good stuff nowadays.

Stephan: For me it is Michael Brun with his label “Kid Coconut” along with Blinders as well.

10) During the set at Magnetic Festival just now, what special element’s did you include to customise it?

Victor: I decided to drop acapella of Bingo Players’ “Cry Just A Little”. We play that track from time to time in our sets but tonight it was special because, we miss Paul and it is exactly 2years ago since he passed away… it reminds us how fortunate we are, doing what we do, making our music for everybody there.

Stephan: Yeah that was special! Of course we also dropped ‘Sweet Harmony’ and we dropped another track, it is kind a secret, but for people who is watching our sets etc. they might know which one it was, because that is a song we haven’t dropped before. We can’t talk about it yet but it is probably going to be released in March.


And what better way to round off the interview with DubVision than featuring their new videoclip for “Sweet Harmony”. Summing the story up with pictures from Stephan’s and Victor’s childhood, followed by scenes of their beginnings in contrast with a weekend on tour in Prague and Milan.

With the lads taking a newer direction with their music this year, with edgier, more aggressive drops supported by epic chords and drums if “Sweet Harmoney” is anything to go by. Which makes the prospect of DubVision’s 2016 even more exciting for our ‘Dub-Radars’. Stay tuned!

‘Sweet Harmony’ is out now via Tiësto’s Musical Freedom

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