Hardwell urges fans to appreciate artists before its too late

The music industry as a whole has been deeply saddened by the recent loss of David Bowie, but what his passing has shown us is that he truly changed the face of music across all levels, as we see artists from multiple genres paying their respects. Hardwell was just one of many producers to pay his tributes, when he spoke about the late musical icon in a recent interview with The National.

“Who wasn’t a David Bowie fan? That’s a question. He changed music, and in a really great way. It’s always so sad to hear things like that, and I’m glad to see people paying tribute. But I think it’s weird that just as soon as someone passes away, all of a sudden people rush to show all this respect.”

The Dutch DJ also asks fans to show appreciation to their favourite artists more often, before a time comes when it will be too late to do so, Just as we have seen in the case of Bowie.

“Why not show that respect to the artist when he’s alive? So he can see how many people have respect for him. People should show respect more often – especially with someone like Bowie. He was such a big influence for the whole music scene.”

H/T: The National