Husko – Daylight

The words ‘bright’ and ‘talented’ would define this 20-year old producer from the small island of Malta. Karl Tabone, who goes by the name of Husko, is a young, up-and-coming artist now ready to make strides within the electronic scene. Since the age of five, Husko has been mixing tracks behind the decks and making his own music inside the studio. With over a decade of experience of being a DJ and producer, the quality of his tracks certainly speaks volumes as it effectively showcases his musical prowess.

Having to perform on the mainstage of Creamfields in Malta last year and alongside some of the most prominent DJ’s such as Calvin Harris and Martin Garrix, Husko’s talents are evident. Initially influenced by electro house sounds, he decided to switch it up with a more progressive style that delivers blissful and uplifting melodies. This is first displayed with his track “Escape” that features a stunning progression and sends out a euphoric vibe. Following this production, Husko has come back with another high-quality track that should get everyone’s attention. Titled “Daylight”, Husko’s brand new song shines bright and is set to kick off the new year the right way.

“Daylight” begins with an eye-opening melodic sequence that may bring out some goosebumps right off the bat. The combination of its astonishing synths and its piano keys creates a heartwarming and refreshing listening experience. Building up the track, the nice progression perfectly transitions to the song’s bass-infused portion. Along with the beautifully oscillating melodies, the drop brings in a lot of energy that would not only crack a smile but would also make anyone dance ecstatically.

Overall, the mesh between the track’s different elements is simply flawless. The mix of the melodies, the pulsating beats, and several other sounds proves Husko’s keen production skills, which are definitely put on display with this track. With such an astonishing new tune, Husko should be able to gain more recognition from both fans and producers and get the exposure that he deserves.