Impera – Get Up

Hailing from the city of Istanbul, Turkish duo Impera has been on a constant rise ever since its establishment in 2014. The two brothers once managed successful careers as solo artists and as a result, they decided to join forces to form the DJ and production tandem.

From traveling between Istanbul and New York to spending time in the studio, Impera have been busy over the past year getting their name under people’s radars. Therefore, after an excellent run since the duo’s creation, they are now set to take everything to the next level and have an even bigger year in 2016.

Following their prior productions including “Hypnotized” and “Myth”, Impera have returned to release another club banger. Taking their talents to Mumbai-based T.H.E. Recordings, Impera recently released their brand new track “Get Up” which kicks off their new year with style.

Beginning with some heavily pulsating kicks, Impera’s new tune gets the heart pumping right from the start. The track then transitions into a vocal buildup that leads into the hard-hitting and hair-raising electro drop. Consisting of an uplifting melodic sequence, a euphoric progression bridges the two drops together and completes the brilliantly produced track. Overall, with its insurmountable amount of energy and electrifying sounds, “Get Up” is now set to dominate and blow the roof off any nightclub around the world.

The track is out now and you can grab a copy here.