Jerry Folk – To My Soul

You may have heard about a young upstart that goes by the name Jerry Folk, if not you have to listen to his latest masterpiece titled “To My Soul”. Jerry (Gerard) is originally from Norway’s capital Oslo, but recently moved to L.A to focus on his musical career. He describes his work as “an electronic mixture of whatever inspires me”, with touches of the disco and indie genre. Judging by his releases the past year, his future is looking bright.

In January last year he started of with an impressive remix for Atlas Bound, which came to demonstrate his true potential and musical skills. Six months later he released a remix for Oh Wonder. The remix soon went viral with more than 12 million plays on Soundcloud alone. He followed up with the funky yet catchy “Futura”. He ended his year with an impressive yet-unfound remix for “Desire” by Years & Years.

To kick off his promising new year, the young talent has decided to release his first official single “To My Soul”, and its nothing short of impressive! Starting with a touch of low tempo bassline in a mixture of catchy claps blended together with a calm yet powerful vocal to bring the beat to a higher level. The song soon climaxes to a melodic trap sample twisted with an up-tempo retro Nokia ringtone. A very interesting and unique tune to say the least!

The song is out on Next Wave today, who also have more new music coming out over the next few months, with releases from artist like: Bearson, Manilla Killa, Atlas Bounds, and the music-video for super-hit “Its Strange” which drops tomorrow!

Also, if you are in San Francisco on the 15th of January, then you should really check his debut US show out.

The song is available as a >free download<