Premiere: Klahr – Lyon x Sapphire

Following his astonishing remix of Adrian Lux’ track “Torn Apart”, Swedish sensation Klahr is now setting up for a breakout year in 2016. Recently recruited by Axwell’s longstanding label Axtone Records, Klahr’s musical talents are undeniable and he proves this once again with two brand new upcoming releases titled “Lyon” and “Sapphire”. While taking over the podcast ‘Axtone Presents’, the Swede previewed the two tracks that evidently received a lot of support from fans. With their fresh sounds and first-rate levels of production, both tracks should be able to immensely boost Klahr’s career and place his name under everyone’s radars.

To kick off Axtone’s latest podcast, Klahr played his electrifying track “Sapphire”, which set the tone for the entire one-hour show. From the introduction alone, the track delivers the Axtone sounds that we love and enjoy listening to. Consisting of a heart-pumping beat and an intensely pounding bassline, the gargantuan drop brings out an insurmountable amount of energy that would slay any main stage this year. The bridge between the two drops is also an absolute delight to hear. With its oscillating synths and its stunning melodic sequence, the mid-progression is the piece to the puzzle that assembles this banger to perfection.

Klahr’s second track, “Lyon”, effectively satisfies the ears as well, as it features some well-crafted funky beats and awe-inspiring melodies. This disco-inspired tune delivers the groove from start to finish and should be able to get anyone dancing all night long. Right between the two spirited drops include an uplifting and exuberant progression, sending out the positive vibes the track attempts to deliver. Overall, with its impeccable mix of zestful old-school and modern sounds, “Lyon” is a track any dance music listener should revel in.