KSHMR impresses all with latest act of good will, flies die hard fan to concert for free

KSHMR’s kind-hearted nature is one of the most appreciated elements of his persona. And while artists in the past have been known to give fans tickets, we’re struggling to think of anyone who’s gone a step further. Or in KSHMR’s case, a few steps further.

After hearing about one of his die-hard fans financial circumstances, the American DJ/Producer not only sourced tickets for him, he also flew him to the concert. And not just that, but also organised the travel logistics as well.

And while we knew KSHMR was a man of many musical talents, this has just topped the lot for us. Undoubtedly creating one of the best feel-good stories of 2016 already, but also a memorable experience this fan will never forget.

Check out the almost surreal exchange below!




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