Kygo defends Tropical House, talks about his rise and musical beginnings in recent interview

Be it his recent performance at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert and The Ellen Show or him teaming up with Mr. Brainwash for his next artistic project, there is little that is not working out for Electronic Dance Music’s latest star Kygo. In a recent interview conducted by the Huffington Post, Kygo opened up about his success and what he thinks about the future of the genre.

Talking about his sudden rise to success, a phenomena that had most watchers bewildered and labels in shambles to land his signatures, the Norwegian artist had this to say:

“I thought it was almost impossible to break through,” Kygo said. “I started studying business and finance in Edinburgh as a backup plan. I was still making music many hours a day, and when I was at university, the electronic music boom started really taking off globally…I started putting my music on SoundCloud and my popularity just grew from there. It was the fans sharing my music around that started it all for me.”

Well, it is all about timing and rise to fame has always been about it. Right man at the right place at the right time!

Defending and defining the genre, Kygo goes on to talk about how the genre has evolved in whatever short time it has been around. These few years have seen Thomas Jack give the genre a name and then leave it to head to a new direction.

“It’s a sound that is suited to pretty much any occasion. Whether you’re at a club, a bbq, an outdoor party or just relaxing with some friends, I think it works. It obviously also has a distinct summer feeling to it that brings you to the right place,” Kygo said of Tropical House. “I love what has become of the genre though. Other artists like my good friend, Thomas Jack, have really helped push the sound to all the right places.”

Talking about skills, he goes on to outline it as something that everyone in the industry unanimously agrees with.

“I started taking piano lessons from the age of six years old,” he said. “It’s such an essential part of what I do in the production process. I wouldn’t be Kygo today without those piano lessons.”

When asked if the whole band wagon of Tropical could keep it’s wheels together and keep going uphill, Kygo sternly replied with a certain affirmation that only the pioneers of a subject can.

Is Tropical House going to stick around or flame out? “If I had to guess whether it would fade or stay, I’d bet on it sticking around,” Kygo said. He continued, “I think my music covers a broader sound than just ‘Tropical House’… My goal is to simply be a great producer in my own right without being pigeonholed.”

Don’t be mistaken and take these words otherwise, these are words from a true artist. He may have started with a short spectrum of sounds and restricted himself only by what his fellow artists but as time goes on and the word ‘innovation’ gets thrown around often, with his recent tracks Kygo shows that an artist is only limited by his/her own thought and his belief in his/her own self.

Source: Huffington Post Kygo Interview

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