Lycii & Joe Lyons – “Zero / Visions” EP

Following their previous releases ‘Prism’ and ‘Fernway’ on Enhanced Music, the promising young American duo Lycii & Joe Lyons return to Enhanced Progressive with their latest “Zero / Visions” EP. The producer duo who met online earlier this year both demonstrate great promise but also an exceptional production talent following their previous releases, and “Zero / Visions” is no exception.

Zero/Visions is a two track extended play wonderfully infused and crafted around its mesmerizing atmospheric sounds, that has also come to be a key component in the creation of this radiating EP. A clear thread can be followed throughout the course of the ‘Zero / Visions’ EP, as its beautiful progressive bliss reaches and fills the ears of the listeners with almost ethereal feeling.

The pairs’ combined craftsmanship on this EP is nothing short of perfection!

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