Martin Garrix gives us a glimpse into his production process

EDM wonder kid Martin Garrix recently went live on air with Dutch radio station 538 this week and explained to listeners as well as showing them via live stream some of his production techniques.

The 15 minute video, which will be linked below shows Martin giving us a look into how he comes up with the rough draft for each track, usually starting with a simple bass line and adding a melody on top. Garrix uses this as the foundation for the track and after only 5 minutes we can see the song taking shape.

Garrix goes on to tell us that these simple ideas “come to me really fast, but before I finish a track 20 to 30 hours will have passed.” Martin also talks about how he came to the decision of leaving high school, as he says once he was signed and started playing shows “I had to be in school at 8.30 am on Monday morning for math class.” So Martin begged his parents to let him go to the Herman Brood academy which is a music production school in Holland, and the rest as they say is history.

Watch the video below: