Premiere: Volt & State, Sam Void, & Avedon – “Hold On”

Dutch producers Volt & State have undeniably been on a roll in terms of their releases over the past year. The duo has been busy releasing several tracks on Nicky Romero’s label Protocol Recordings such as their collaboration with Merk & Kremont called “Black & White” and their anthem with Romero titled “Warriors”. Being one of their best productions to date, Volt & State released “Sandcastles” last August, which garnered a vast amount of support from fellow artists and from fans.

Following an incredibly successful 2015 run, Volt & State move on to the new year with such great momentum in hand and are now releasing yet another progressive house masterpiece. The Amsterdam natives join forces with two up-and-coming producers, Sam Void and Avedon, for their beautifully crafted collaboration titled “Hold On”.

After having his first official release on Protocol called “Young”, which was also featured on the ‘Protocol Recordings Miami 2015’ compilation, Sam Void began making his strides within the dance music scene. Similarly, Dutch newcomer Avedon is set to kick off his career with a bang as “Hold On” will certainly give him a deserving spotlight. With these producers’ distinct sounds meshing into one entire track, the results are evidently impeccable as proven by this latest release.

First featured in Nicky Romero’s 177th episode of ‘Protocol Radio’, “Hold On” begins with the track’s uplifting vocals that bring out the emotions right off the bat. Lying underneath these vocals include a gorgeous chord progression that eventually leads into the energetic and elegant drop. Consisting of a rhythmic bassline and a captivating melodic sequence, the climax will undoubtedly get anyone’s feet moving and off the ground. With this exquisitely produced track, Protocol Recordings set the bar high for this year’s list of releases and Volt & State, Sam Void, and Avedon’s rise within the industry should only expedite.

The track is out now on Protocol Recordings and you can get your copy here.

On this special occasion, we took Volt & State for a small talk about their achievements so far and future plans for the new year:

1. Before we talk about “Hold On,” talk a bit about your track “Sandcastles” being featured in the official Ultra Brazil 2016 promo clip. Obviously, that might feel great. How did that come about?

Protocol told us that Sandcastles was going to be featured in the video, but we couldn’t believe it until we saw it. Ultra is such a big event and it would be a dream to play there one day! Incredible to see the kind comments on the video, and the support we got on the track.

2. You just released “Hold On” via Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings. For the record, you brought in Sam Void and Avedon to help produce the track. What was the process like working with them?

Actually they came up with this really cool idea, so we e-mailed them to see if they were up for it to finish it together. We took over with the parts and finished the track over a period of two weeks.

3. “Hold On” is your 8th release on Protocol and you seem to be on a great string of releases. Obviously, there must be some more great material coming from Volt & State in not so distant future. Is there anything specific in the pipeline that you can share with us? Also, any events, shows, radioshows, etc.?

We are heading to South Africa together with the Protocol team in three weeks and are looking really forward to it! At the moment we are working on a lot of new stuff as always, and in our latest shows you can find some sneak peeks of new (unfinished) material. More soon :)!

4. It has been quite a ride for you two while on Protocol Recordings. What is it like to become a big part of the Protocol family and work tightly with Nicky Romero? Basically, just to sum up, what has the journey been like over the past year and a half?

It’s a crazy experience! We get a lot of support and help, also to develop our sound and where we are heading. Amazing to see the amount of support we get from all our fans, it keeps us motivated and inspired to keep on doing what we do!