Redondo & CamelPhat – Paths

Dutch duo of Redondo and the UK based DJ & Producer duo Camelphat were adamant on summing up the year in the style that they’ve become so recognized for. Creating a complete house fest for any keen listener, the Camelphat duo have been ruling the house charts round the year after showcasing their releases on the likes of Spinnin‘ and Axtone. Always looking to pip the fellow collaborators, the Redondo duo of Freek GeuzeJohan Jacobse decided to make Spinnin’ & Spinnin’Deep their output channel for 2015. Nevertheless, the year has been a sort of revival for House and Deep House tunes in the mainstream.

And adding to that golden catalogue of 2015, the duos collaborate to give us ‘Paths‘. Captivating synth-work kicks off the track accompanied by a beat-work which gets you snapping and clapping along the track. As it progresses, the track showcases Deep House at it’s best. Funky & groovy, the track is essentially the groove you grab onto when you need to relax. Out now through Spinnin’ Deep, 2015 sees a great end for House music through ‘Paths‘!

Available for purchase here through Beatport!

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