Skrillex Opens Up About Filming Process And Meaning Behind “Stranger”

Over the years, Skrillex has earned himself a seat amongst the EDM hall of famers – identifying himself as the king of dubstep. Recently, he released a brand new edit and music video for his track “Stranger” that was featured on his debut album – Recess. This new edit features vocals from Tennyson and White Sea, providing the track with a solemn, emotional vibe.

This edit was in fact in production long before the release, however, the schedule was derailed by the passing of Skrillex’s mother. As he expressed to the Creators Project, “My mom had passed away earlier this year right in the middle of us finishing the edit.” Naturally, Skrillex put the project on hold and tended to his personal business.

As an effort to bring a year-old track back on the radar, Skrillex has created a beautiful video that serves as an ode to the ups and downs in this past year. With the aid of director Andrew Donoho, this video highlighted not the glamour but the poignant, sentimental aspect of the EDM genre. He emphasized his desire to break free from social norms with the outlandish characters in the video by placing the setting in abandoned buildings.

In his interview with Creators Project, he expressed his desire to start a new page in his music career:

I think 2015 made me realize I’m really excited about starting new, really starting from a new angle and perspective. Where the music industry is going especially with electronic music, that’s going where I’m sort of going, in the sense that every couple of years it’s good to break your habits. The world is constantly evolving but if you continue your routines that worked before and you keep doing that, you become irrelevant. It’s such an exciting time to rethink things from how you perform, how you release music and what you release. That’s what I’ve been reflecting on mostly, and continuing to grow as a creative director with OWSLA and curate new people. To create something bigger than what is was originally meant to be. It was a record label and now it’s much more than that. Read the full interview here.

On top of the release of this new video, Sonny encourages his fans to donate to “Boys and Girls Club, Bridges for Music, or Jhamtse Gatsal Children’s Community as part of his label OWSLA’s Nestivus campaign.”

Source: youredm