Henrik B & Rudy – Leave A Light On (Steello Remix)

Patrik Sandberg, or better known as Steello, is an up-and-coming producer who specializes in various forms of house music. From progressive to electro and from big room to Melbourne bounce, this Swedish artist is highly versatile in terms of producing tracks. Having the abilities to play the guitar and the piano, the 22-year-old certainly has a keen ear for beautiful music and as a result, his musical prowess translates to his tracks that consist of a brilliant fusion of different genres.

One of his earlier tracks is his progressive masterpiece, “Rising Sun”, which presents an astonishing melody and awe-inspiring vocals. Ever since this track released, Steello never looked back as he continued his work in the studio with the likes of his remixes of Hardwell and Joey Dale’s “Arcadia” and Edegaard’s “Make You Proud” and his recent solo track “Again”. Kicking off 2016, Steello is returning with another release, a thrilling makeover to Henrik B & Rudy’s classic Axtone release ‘Leave A Light On’.

Beginning with its amazing classic male vocals from Rudy, the track brings out the emotions right from the get-go. Underneath the powerful vocals include an absolutely uplifting progression featuring some well-played piano chords and a gorgeous melody. The remix then transitions into a magical drop that would simply make anyone dance all night long and possibly shed a tear or two. Overall, this track starts Steello’s year on a high note and thus, we look forward to what he has in stored in the future.