Steve Angello debuts two new tracks from his Wild Youth LP

It’s safe to say that Steve Angello’s artist album has been one of the most anticipated electronic albums for quite a while. It’s been in the making for a number of years and fans were expecting they’d have it a lot earlier than now, but after numerous delays such as dropping his contract from Columbia records to deciding to release the album in two parts, we will finally have the full product at the end of the week.

Earlier today Steve sat down with legendary broadcaster Zane Lowe to have an interview for his Beats One show, we were also treated to two exclusives from the album which you can listen below.

The first track, “Someone Else” featuring Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons is a straight up electro banger, you can really feel the vibe Steve is trying to get at with this track, as it isn’t club focused but sounds like it would go off in a live environment, some of the sounds used are nearly reminiscent of Justice. The production really is top notch and you can tell that Steve has put a huge ammount of work into the production values for this record.

The second exclusive is “Rebel Nation” which is just absolutely epic. Seriously, as Zane Lowe says it sounds like the intro music used for a boxing match, if you need something to pump you up before a workout, this track will definitely do it.

What strikes us about what we’ve heard from this album so far is how unique it is, you can really tell that Steve is trying to cement his sound and move away from club bangers, but the thing is that these are tracks which work equally well on their own as they would in a club or festival environment. And that’s the beauty of this record. It isn’t a crossover pop record, but has elements of a variety of genres and Steve’s personal touch really shines through on what will surely be one of the albums of the year from a man at the absolute top of his game.