Steve Angello discusses ‘Wild Youth’ and Swedish House Mafia in recent interview

Swedish DJ and producer Steve Angello has been highly regarded as one of dance music’s biggest icons. Either as a solo artist or as a member of the legendary trio of Swedish House Mafia, his incredibly abiding music has been astonishing fans for many years now. Especially with his latest release, which is the first chapter of his album ‘Wild Youth’, Angello’s productions have undoubtedly evolved with their quality evidently remaining top-notch.

With the second part of ‘Wild Youth’ coming out on January 22nd, the anticipation from his fans has recently skyrocketed. Some of the album’s tracks have already made their debut, including “Someone Else” and “Rebel Nation” as premiered on Beats One. As heard from these awe-inspiring tracks in particular, Angello truly put in the time into producing the album as they not only present first-rate sounds but also showcase a telling story.

In a recent interview with We Got This Covered, Angello speaks out about his album and why he needed to split it into two parts. He states:

“I felt that I needed more space in between the music and the visual content. It’s a new time now and people consume music differently than a couple of years ago. Each song tells a story and if you want that to be told you have to give each song its time and space. It’s hard enough to penetrate the masses of information coming though on daily basis. My choice was simple. Let’s give it more time, let’s tell the story the way it was meant to be told.”

Angello once mentioned that he was once almost finished with the album but had to scrap everything and start over due to dissatisfaction. As a result, completing the album took him about three years until it became ready for release. When asked whether he feels he had achieved what he wanted with the finished product, he responds:

“I wasn’t satisfied with my creative attribution to the album. It had such an important meaning that I felt like I hadn’t given my all and therefore I scrapped almost of half of the album and re-did most songs. I have 20 years of experience and I want to hear it in the music. Imagine being one of the biggest chefs in the world but you still go work at McDonalds. It’s kind of like that.”

Being one of the biggest progressive house minds in the industry, Angello was also interviewed about the evolution of the genre from the start of his career to today. He says:

 “I think it’s the social media and the reach music has now that cause all these changes. People don’t know what they are listening to anymore and that’s good and bad. It’s up to us artists to educate the fans. A lot of music today is hard house, but labeled under electronic because some DJ plays it in his set. The issue I’m having is the lack of originality in artists today.”

In addition, he has been known to collaborate with a few of dance music’s biggest names including fellow Swedish producer Eric Prydz, who he produced the track “Woz Not Woz” with. When asked if a future collaboration with Prydz is a possibility, Angello answers:

“We’ve been friends for almost 18 years now and Eric is one of the best electronic music producers our world has ever seen. He’s incredible and has always been since the beginning of our careers. We won’t collaborate again though. We do, however, still have some unreleased music from 2001.”

If that collaboration is not possible, then maybe another run with Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso is on the horizon. After a question regarding a possible Swedish House Mafia reunion, Angello concludes the interview by saying:

“Well, isn’t that part of the mystique surrounding the question and answer – we haven’t discussed it. We haven’t even thought about it. We haven’t said we’ll never tour again, but we also haven’t said we’ll tour again, either. We’ll just have to see what happens.”

The second chapter of Steve Angello’s ‘Wild Youth’ will be released on January 22nd and you can pre-order the album here.

Source: We Got This Covered