Steve Angello partners with Jesper Pålsson to start designing and branding outlet ‘Made by Forest’

With the 2nd part of his ‘Wild Youth‘ album out for purchase and him acting as the production force behind a new TV show with Primary Wave Entertainment, it wasn’t as if his hands were already full that Steve Angello has headed out to start another venture. This time he joins up with Jesper Pålsson, who is the head of – a marketing and branding group, who will also be helping the fellow Swede revamp Size Records.

But the venture doesn’t stop just there… The duo have recently decided to start a business together that will assist customers with branding, design & strategy, and aid them in shaping the content that they may use to further their reach through various multimedia platforms. Quoting the Acne head honcho and the now new owner of Made By Forest on the decision for this venture:

As a reaction to the changes we have seen in the advertising industry over the past few years, we wanted to bypass the old structures. We started Made by Forest with a realization that relationships between client, agency, production company and record company changed. In addition, the border between commercials, branded content and music videos to some extent blurred.

Like the true entrepreneur that he is, Angello is much more than the music that has got him where he is today. A label owner, a studio owner, runner of foundation and music licensing company, there isn’t anything that Steve hasn’t got his hands into in his capacity either as a musician or a entrepreneur. And with bright hope he kicks off Made by Forest, which would look to revolutionize advertising and customer communication for the industry as we know it.


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