Primary Wave Entertainment teams up with Steve Angello to begin EDM TV show series

After speaking about the need for innovation from all sources in the industry and an apparent personal quest to become someone more than just an artist, Steve Angello is collaborating for one of the biggest projects of his life as an artist. But this isn’t a track. Steve is aiming to work as the executive producer for the show that is going to be scripted and made by Primary Wave Entertainment. His wife, Isabel Adrian, will also be part of the project as a co-producer.

As per exclusive information from Variety: 

The potential series will be about DJ culture in the fast-paced, larger-than-life world of electronic dance music, also known as house music. The show has plans to prominently feature Angello’s music.

But the TV series isn’t the only project. The entertainment house will also aim to make a movie, which will be loosely based on the novel “Sex, Drugs and The DJ” written by Steve’s wife Adrian, who herself is a Swedish celebrity. The scripted movie will showcase an Angello-influenced DJ starting from a humble background and then becoming a superstar in the music scene. As per the exclusive information, the movie will also take a personal turn as it features the life of the couple.

Steve’s music is set to be a major part of the film’s production.

This is Steve’s second run in the EDM-based TV show department as he takes up this project after he was involved with a previous script, known as ‘The Drop’.

It’s a joy to see Steve venture into a territory where most artists are yet to look into. Whatever may the outcome be, the project will add to the many initiatives take by one-third of the iconic Swedish House Ma

For more information, read : Variety


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