Album Review: Wolfgang Gartner – 10 Ways to Steal Home Plate

Wolfgang Gartner has re-emerged from a brief hiatus to release his second LP, “10 Ways to Steal Home Plate.”  We have been forced to wait for five long years since the American producer’s first LP, “Weekend In America.”  However, the new album proves that it was worth the wait.

Gartner has become a household name for producing some of the most well-known records in the electronic music industry.  Records like “Animal Rights” produced with Deadmau5, “We Own the Night” written with Tiesto, and the iconic “Illmerica,” all feature upbeat, banging tempos.  In his second album, Wolfgang Gartner taps into some different musical styles and succeeds in creating a flowing album, while also showing his production talents.

Opening the album, we are greeted by the grimy “Turn Up,” featuring vocals from Wiley and Trina.  The record sets the tone for the album; an uptempo track with a catchy refrain and addicting feel.  Trina’s lyrics really pair well with the thumping beat to create a track that hits you and leaves its mark.

One of the most unique records on the album has to be “Hurricane Slurricane;” an incredible collaboration with the Bay Area’s own E-40 and Dam Funk.  Tapping into some Disco vibes, the record is remarkably groovy and just creates an environment that is perfect for a house party.  The flowing lyrics from the San Francisco rapper match the tone of the track remarkably well.

Wolfgang Gartner continues to build on the vibes with a few more Nu Disco-styled tracks in “Replay” featuring DA, “Y.W.M.O.,” and “Faded” featuring Marc Griffin.  It is obvious that the emerging genre has had a large effect on Gartner over the past year or two.  Each one of these records features some addicting vocals paired with a beat that is playful, keeps you dancing, and proves that he should be mentioned along the great Nu Disco producers of today.

“Feel Right” with JHart has the potential to be the most commercially successful record from the album, combining some feel-good vocals and an uplifting beat. It is a classic Electro House record that transports you to a summer day.  Be prepared to hear “Feel Right” a lot this Spring and Summer; it is a remarkably addicting record that will have lasting appeal on the festival market we are guessing.

In a return to previous hits like “Redline” and “Flexx,” “Up in Smoke,” Gartner’s collaboration with A-Trak and Sirah, is a high-energy record with alluring vocals from the American rapper. The blending of Gartner’s and A-Trak’s styles works extremely well; the almost chopped-up beat is a perfect change of pace from the Nu Disco sounding records from earlier on in the album. “Up in Smoke” picks up the tempo of the album as it draws to its finale.

Closing out the record, we are treated to one of our favorites from Wolfgang Gartner, “Unholy.” After being released in 2014, this record still is incredibly popular and addictive and we are happy to see its release on the LP, especially to close out the album in style.

It has been a long five years since we were treated to an album from Wolfgang Gartner.  “10 Ways to Steal Home Plate” is an LP that has some incredible diversity from the American producer, illustrating his ability to produce high-energy, hard-hitting beats, classic House records, and some Nu Disco flavors.  The album sets a high bar to beat for the rest of 2016.

“10 Ways to Steal Home Plate” is available for purchase on iTunes and Beatport.