Wolfgang Gartner Comes Off Hiatus, Announces New Album

Fans rejoice, Wolfgang Gartner is back.

Unfortunately, in February 2015, the American producer had to take a touring hiatus to focus on his ongoing health issues.  After almost a year, Wolfgang Gartner has returned, announcing the release of a full-length album on January 29th in the United States.  Here at We Rave You, we are obviously very glad to hear that he is getting better healthwise.  But we are also excited to hear his new material.  Tracks like Illmerica, Space Junk, his Skrillex collaboration, The Devil’s Den, and his track with Deadmau5, Animal Rights, illustrate how talented a producer he is.

Hopefully, this means he is making a return to the touring circuit as his sets are incredibly high energy.  Keep an eye out here more info on his album as well.