Dyro & Headhunterz “Cyborg” collaboration nears release

It has now been over a year since Dyro’s and Headhunterz anticipated collaboration teased onto the media platforms. Which in turn has us thinking the release date has to be just around the corner.

Being two of The Netherland’s finest electronic dance music exports, the two have established themselves as consistent creators of quality and pulsating tunes. Both sharing experience at radio-friendly and festival-focused tracks, their experience in turn has aided their work today. And with Dyro and Headhunterz frequent collaborators with some of the industry’s biggest performing names, it was always going to be an exciting combination of talent, technique and sound.

Previewed and featured in a number of their sets and podcasts over the past 12 months, “Cyborg” is another example and further proof that the Dutch do it better when it comes to collaborations and balancing trademark sounds and characteristics. With a futuristic, technological theme, the tracks computer vocals add to the Dystopian mood. However the to-be-released version is yet to come to fruition, with a couple of versions appearing across media platforms. However, Headhunterz previewed a newer version yesterday, reasoning why the wait has been so long.

With contrasting musical backgrounds, the fusion of their preferred sub-genres can be felt throughout all the layers. Made up with the electro-style melody of Dyro, and hardstyle of Headhunterz, the preview reflects a poignant 50-50 balance of the pairs sounds.

Set to be released on Dyro’s very own, and esteemed label, WOLV, “Cyborg” is further proof that the ecltronic genre is not nearing its creative end.

Check out the latest preview here and the older versions below!


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