Hardwell duped in an EDM magic trick and you will be amazed

It’s well known Dutch DJ’s such as Hardwell are A-List celebrities in The Netherlands. But the extent to which their society never ceases to impress us. A renowned EDM hub, the ripple effects from the Dutch’s dominance of the genre are ever-growing.

The former No.1 DJ in the world has just appeared in a magic-based TV show titled “Mindfck”, which follows magician Victor Mids as he goes around impressing some of the nation’s most talent individual’s with his very own special array of talents. Needless to say, viewers are also left in stunned awe and silence at some of his incredible tricks.

Taking place in Hardwell’s custom-built studio, or “Spaceship” as he refers to it as, viewers also get insight into what projects have taken place at the location, including some of the Revealed Records head-honcho biggest collaborations to date. The trick center’s around Hardwell’s track “Citylights” alongside Jaap Reesema, with Victor Mids providing quite literally an unbelievable result.

Check out the video below to see the trick, and try to believe it with your own eyes and ears!

 You can skip to 13:20 time http://www.avrotros.nl/mindfck/item/AT_2047995/mindfck/

For all the Hardwell fans around the world. This is what happened with Victor Mids in MINDF*CK last night!

Posted by Mindfck on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

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