Tiesto buys a retirement home

Tiesto turns back the clock with latest remix

Tiesto is renowned for his remixes. And when we say renowned, we mean he’s reached such a reputation it’s something worthy of numerous meme’s. While some have lacked the reputed edge his older material has, even taming the original track’s impact in some cases, no one can fault is devoted attention and love for the genre. Pioneering in his role for the sub-genre’s mainstream success, we’re more than willing to forgive his production ‘hiccups’. Especially when his latest remix is truely something awe-inspiring.

Turning back the clock to his esteemed, and titanic Trance days, his remix of Alan Walker’s “Faded” is something to savour and treasure. Taking on the track is no small task given its current massive popularity. However, as the industry knows, Tiesto is not one to turn away from a challenge. In fact he seems to thrive with them more often than not.

Taking the addictive melody and harmonic chords to a transcending sequence of trance adaptations, we couldn’t be more jealous of the crowd for his ‘Under The Northern Lights‘ tour show in Norway earlier this year. While keeping a large amount of the track’s original structure, Tiesto infuses the high-tempo and pulsating aspects we’ve come to know and love over the past 2 decades. Adding a zeal of energy to the atmosphere, you’ll undoubtedly find your self nodding or tapping along at the very least.

While no official clip is on the horizon, you can rest assured we’ll be bringing you any related news in the future. But for now, sit back, put aside 2 minutes and 29 seconds of your day and enjoy the blissful music below!


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