Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (We Are 2Loud & Antonio Rossini Remix)

2Loud are another fine example of Italian flare in the electronic dance music scene. Having had support from the likes of Nicky Romero, Sick Individuals, Merk & Kremont, Lush & Simon and DJ’s From Mars one could say they’re a significant ‘blip’ on the industry’s biggest names radar’s. And it looks like that’s set to continue.

Also holding a major role in DJ Mag Italy editorial team, they are responsible for the curation and nurturing of young talent hailing from within the Italian borders and beyond. Dedicated every week to giving new and emerging artist’s in the scene ratification and notice, they not only reap reward from the scene, but equally give back to it.

Pairing up with Antonio Rossini for their remix of Dennis Ferrer’s “Hey Hey” the duo provide a delegation of crafted layers and sounds. Led by a throbbing bass line, the plucky start eventually gives way to a vocally-led development. Building in anticipation, the breaking in of the progression reflects the club-scene basis of the track. Deep in sound and mood, the atmosphere is one of tension and satisfaction.

Fully delivering musically and atmospherically, 2Loud’s remix of “Hey Hey” provides both class and character, arguably the key to a quality track. Be sure to grab your copy of this Free Download today!

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