Adrian Ström pulls on heartstrings with latest track

Adrian Ström is a French artist. And when saying artist we don’t just mean DJ/Producer, we mean creator and curator of characterful video clips that accompany the tracks he congers up. Beautiful music and beautiful scenery aren’t combined often enough nowadays. With so much emphasis on the traditional scenes associated with dance music, you can often forget how powerful a combination of atmosphere’s can be.

Hailing from Paris, Adrian Ström has his name credited to a number of tracks now, all with magical adjoining clips that have accumulated nearly a million plays on SoundCloud. With his latest trip taking him the picturesque nation of Iceland, the Frenchman captured the sights and sounds of their trip using blissful 4K high definition. Joined by his younger brother behind the camera, they managed to film the pure beauty of the country.

“Change The World” offers an atmosphere that encapsulates his travelling wonderer persona in the clip. Instrumentally based, the soft, warm mood has led to nearly 100,000 plays in under 3 weeks. Opened by light strings and subtle deep chords, the introduction of GuitK‘s soulful voice draws the ear, and transcends you to a place of zen and peace. Followed by the addition of the Saxophone, the melodic nature of the track runs parallel to that of rising drumbeats and claps.

As the layers fall away and isolate GuitK’s voice once again, the pulsating depth surrounds and defines the atmosphere once again. Redevelopment with new synths and sounds, Adrian Ström takes the track towards a harmonic, progressing, bridge. With active guitar strings joining the Saxophone, the false-ending of the track leaves a sweet taste, leading onto another section of the song.

Dynamic in its production format and inclusive sounds, Adrian Ström flatters listeners with something very special indeed, leaving it as an ideal audio-visual combination of symphony and imagery to enjoy. Talented beyond the boundaries of electronic music, the fusion of artistic mediums is a refreshing one to say the least.

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