Adriano Fuerte – Atlantis

Croatian DJ and producer Adriano Fuerte has certainly been making his strides within the industry. From his past big releases such as his tracks “Counting Days” and “Phoenix” to his massive breakthrough as a DJ, performing at prominent festivals like Ultra Music Festival Europe in 2014, his success in the studio and behind the decks is evident. Kicking off his 2016 campaign, Fuerte returns with another solo production called “Atlantis”.

Bringing in his superb progressive house sounds, Fuerte assembles quite a full-fledged emotional ride with this brand new track. The astounding female vocals mesh impeccably with Fuerte’s beautifully crafted melodic sequences. Following the build-up, the track’s stunning drop then commences and delivers a vast amount of energy that would simply make anyone dance all night long. Overall, with its flawless combination of vocals and instrumentals, “Atlantis” proves Fuerte’s undeniable talents and should only garner even more success for the up-and-coming Croatian artist.

“I’m proud to present you “Atlantis”, my brand new track that I’ve been working on very hard for hours and hours. Atlantis is more than just another melodic progressive house track – it’s emotional, inspirational, energetic and victorious. Atlantis is a historical lost city, an imaginary place where life is beautiful. Sometimes we all want to run far away from this cruel and mean world and enjoy life without pain and sadness. I hope you will enjoy the journey to Atlantis.” –Adriano Fuerte

The track is out now for a free download, which you can grab here.