Fais – Hey (feat. Afrojack)

Afrojack is one of the industry’s biggest names, and an ever-lasting festival headliner. With 2015 seeing him release his debut album and moving away from predominately big-room tracks to more melodic, radio-friendly tracks. Consistent in his application and development of Wall Recordings, his partnership and collaboration with childhood friend and singer/songwriter Fais see’s the Dutchman take a production and featuring role for Fais’ debut single “Hey”.

Growing up in the same neighborhood, the pair’s studio work is impressive to say the least. With Afrojack exploring a deep tone of sounds to normal, the emergence of Fais’ voice looks set to be a highlight of the year already for the label. Showered in the theme of love both instrumentally, lyrically and visually in the official video, the track delivers a summer-esque atmosphere and feel-good vibes.

Made-up using a big-room ballad format, the infectious piano chords and melodic flute features bring a more raw musical mood. Buoyant in style, the rapturous vocals ignite the track tropical edge and carrying bass line. And with Afrojack also taking Fais on tour with him, fans have been blessed with live renditions of the track. Better still, the music video includes social media figure’s Jay Alvarrez and his girlfriend Alexis Ren that culminates at Afrojack’s very own show at Omnia Las Vegas.

With a hectic summer schedule ahead, Afrojack’s certainly developing his arsenal of new material in a diverse and creative manner. In turn also highlighting his production abilities, the Dutchman’s next releases are sure to bring great interest from his ever-loyal fan base. And with the formal introduction of Fais’s voice to the scene, here’s hoping we see much more of his soulful lyrics and voice in the near future.

Be sure to check out the video below and grab your copy today!



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