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With more than 10 years experience in

Album Review: John Dahlback releases ‘Saga’

Home Uncategorized Album Review: John Dahlback releases ‘Saga’

With more than 10 years experience in the industry, Swedish mastermind John Dahlback has established himself as one of the most consistent, versatile and uniquely talented producers out there. Ever since the release of his monster track ‘Raven‘ at the end of July, fans have been waiting in eager anticipation for the full release of his album ‘Saga’. This time has finally come, as we are treated to 15 new original productions from the Swede, released exclusive on Armada.

The album opens with a short intro, before things are really kicked off with Into You‘ – a funky, future house style track that features some infectious vocals combined with metallic synths and a seriously catchy beat. Whilst ‘Sycophant‘ continues in a similar style, but with some classic disco synths that result in a darker theme for the track. Many John Dahlback fans will be familiar with the next track from the album, as ‘Raven‘ has already proved to be a massive hit and is featured regularly in Dahlback’s sets. Breaking in the track with an intense piano melody, he has created a perfect, fast-paced build up for the unique, hard-hitting drop that is to come.

Taking things in a different direction, Count To Ten‘ has a more uplifting, summer feel to it. Featuring the glorious vocals of Alexx Mack, this melodic track sees the Swede return to a more progressive style. Ain’t You‘ continues in similar melodic fashion, but with a slower tempo early on that increases during the duration of the track, as we hear Dahlback opt for a more tropical style of synths and some subtle piano chords throughout. Whilst ‘Atlantis‘ really showcases Dahlback’s diverse production skills, with everything from violins to pianos to guitars to drums all playing in perfect harmony throughout, topped off with the emotional vocals that really create a track to remember.

Up next we have ‘Terminus‘, an instrumental production filled with raw, electric synths and a particularly groovy drop. No doubt this one will go down perfectly at clubs and festivals. Similarly in Walking With Shadows, we are treated to a hard-hitting future house track that is ready-made for clubs, and features the fantastic vocals of BullySongs. Whilst ‘Where You Arehas a more commercial sound to it, and is another example of the Swede’s ability to write the finest melodies, and deliver them in quality style. In New York City‘, we see Dahlback team up with vocalist Luke McMaster in an uplifting, feel-good track that you’ll be sure to have on repeat.

As we reach the final few tracks of the album, ‘Shiver‘ provides us with an atmospheric, emotional track that is certainly not your typical dance production. Centred around the chilling vocals, this has a much slower tempo than the rest of the album, yet keeps the electric vibes throughout with the use of some high supersaws and sharp plucks. Untouched Hearts‘ is another melodic masterpiece as the Swede once again showcases his incredible progressive house production skills. There is not much to say about ‘Gargamel‘ except that it is a must-listen; from its carnival-style melody, to the bouncy synths, this one is just waiting to be unleashed at festivals. The album concludes perfectly with ‘Aileen‘, which acts as one final example of how John Dahlback has become one of the most talented producers in today’s industry in this perfect progressive house track which is not to be missed.

One things for sure – this album has been worth the wait. ‘Saga’ is available to stream below and to purchase here.


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