Arty treats fans for Valentines day, gives away phenomenal Axwell remix

Arty has been one of the best producers of our generation. Starting out producing hard hitting trance and progressive house under his Alpha 9 alias,  he moved into a more anthemic festival sound with hits on the Anjuabeats label such as “Kate” and his “Synapse Dynamics” remix. Perhaps his best song to date, and one of our all time favourites is the goosebump inducing “Rebound” with Mat Zo.

Over the past while the Russian’s sound has shifted dramatically again, with the release of his debut album “Glorious” heralding a sound closer to pop and showed his diversity as a producer. Arty himself described the album in his Reddit AMA as having music which is 80% NOT for the club. However, we’ve been treated to a club sounding track with the free giveaway of his take on Axwell’s “Waiting for so long”, the epic love ballad just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The remix retains a lot of elements from the original, and adds a driving 4/4 beat with funky synths thrown into the mix too. It really gives off that funky house vibe and is even reminiscent of some of Mat Zo’s work. A stunning remix nonetheless, you can listen and also download for free below.