Avicii ranked as the 6th fastest growing business in Europe

In a quite surprising bit of news, Avicii has been revealed as the 6th biggest business in Europe, having been worth an astonishing €7.7 million in 2014, the 5 person team behind Avicii (including the artist himself) have grown 1905% since 2014.

This in itself says a huge amount about the growth of electronic music in general and the monstrous popularity of Avicii as a brand with various marketing strategies such as the Avicii hotel in Miami all acting to increase the strength of the Swede’s popularity.

It also shows how quickly dance music has grown in the past 6 years with the EDM boom which began in 2009/10 in America really bearing fruit the world over as the genre has infused with pop music and we see massive festivals like Tomorrowland, Ultra and EDC all regularly selling out. The real question all this begs to ask though, is how long will this popularity last? Only time will tell.

H/T: Inc.