Axwell confirms release date for upcoming track “Barricade”

Recently, the duo of Swedish of masterminds Axwell /\ Ingrosso have continuously electrified the world with their massive live performances. At festivals such as Ultra Music Festival, Tomorrowland, and Coachella last year, the former Swedish House Mafia members have had some awe-inspiring sets that consisted of their own music and the likes of.

However, as of late, each of the components has also been working to release some of their own material, like Axwell’s ‘Waited For So Long (Gloria)’ and Sebastian Ingrosso’s ‘Flags.’  Luckily, we are about to be treated to Axwell’s next solo release, ‘Barricade.’  From what we have heard of the record, it seems destined to be another mainstage slaying track.  Replying to a fan’s question on Twitter, Axwell recently confirmed that the release date for his upcoming single is on March 4th.

Following its crowd-testing phase at some of the world’s biggest stages, “Barricade” is finally set to hit the stores soon and to bring out a rave atmosphere wherever people are. While we anxiously wait for the release, here is Axwell /\ Ingrosso performing Axwell’s “Barricade” in an intro edit during last year’s Tomorrowland.