Axwell denies the end of Swedish House Mafia in recent interview

Yet another Swedish House Mafia member simply won’t rule out the possibility of a reunion. On this occassion, Axwell spoke to Newsbeat ahead of his performance at Electric Daisy Carnival. The Axtone boss has frequently been touring with Sebastian Ingrosso but indicates that it’ll take more than just festival pay cheques to get Steve Angello onboard again.

“Obviously it’s a great thing that we have done and we loved every minute of it, I think we’re all in our happy places right now. Having said that it would be stupid of me to say never [to a reunion].”

Festivals these days have re-ignited the fire in many bands with the likes of Coachella nudging Guns N’ Roses and LCD Soundsystem to reunite for a headline performance.

Maybe one day something will happen inside of us that says ‘boom’,” Axwell explained. “But it’s more [likely to be] coming from us than at a festival.”

We’re just hoping for the day the three get back together. There is a most probably scenario where the boys recreate their ‘One Last Tour’ concept to mark the end of their careers just before they retire. Axwell also spoke about a full-release album with Sebastian as Axwell ^ Ingrosso.

“In the last six months, people’s attention span for albums has decreased to maybe just a week – unless it’s a stand out album. So that’s made us think is an album is the right way to go [sic]. We’re just enjoying making music and putting it out, there’s no major scheme. We’re just working with our old friends. We’ve got Vincent (Pontare) and Salem (Al Fakir) who sang on Sun Is Shining, On My Way and Something. It’s more about the songs right now.”

Although there isn’t much chance of an album in the near future, we can expect their collaborations to pile up to a point where they’d almost have to!

Source: BBC