Curlyand – Her Glance

Curlyand is a name that will undoubtedly gain more prominence in the very near future. This upcoming producer’s journey within the industry has recently been born after releasing a beautiful ambient track titled “Her Glance”. Hailing from Poland, Curlyand should be able to garner more attention from fans around the world if he continues to craft high-quality content such as this brand new track.

Starting off with a bone-chilling melodic introduction, “Her Glance” certainly brings out the goosebumps right off the bat. The acid house-influenced sounds then come in, blending impeccably with a series of well-designed claps and percussion hits. The groovy beat continues throughout the entire track, playing alongside the striking vocals. Overall, with a consistent flow of energy and a flawless mesh between the rejuvenating instrumentals and vocals, this lovely tune is an absolute must-hear and unquestionably kicks off Curlyand’s career on a high note.