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Deadmau5 joins #mau5hax tour, builds spectacular recording studio inside the bus

Deadmau5′ label, Mau5trap, had been out of the headlines in recent times. That was until they announced their 11-date bus tour spanning from Miami to Montreal earlier this month. However, there the label figure-head, Deadmau5 wasn’t mentioned on the artist listings. That was until now.

Featuring at the first show in Toronto, Mau5trap’s Twitter confirmed that Joel Zimmerman was set to join the bus tour for at least a section of the route saying:

“the special gue5t?? confirming our boss deadmau5 from toronto to philly,”

While Deadmau5 has yet to confirm his presence for the rest of the dates, which include Atlanta and Miami, it’s fair to say we’re all grateful his performing personality is still alive and kicking given the recent drama’s over the past few months.

The first show at Toronto’s well-known Uniun also confirmed further details to the tour’s concept. Intially delivers by  Deadmau5 and ATTLAS, a series of B2B sets are primed to deliver some of electronics music edgier assets in all their glory.

As if the bus tour wasn’t enough, the Mau5trap team has also created a state-of-the-art studio on the bus itself,in turn bringing the prospect of worldly collaborations and new music in the coming months. And with the likes of Matt Lange, Steve Duda, Rezz, and Deadmau5 himself together, we’ve got out hopes set high for what it may deliver!


H/T: Dancing Astronaut

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