deadmau5 reveals reason behind playing the ASOT tent at Ultra

The Ultra phase 2 lineup was recently announced the other day, and to some surprise one of the bigger names on the bill is deadmau5. Even more surprising is the fact that he’s due to perform in the ASOT tent along side Armin Van Buuren and Eric Prydz. This all comes after around 2 years ago the mau5 slated ASOT stating that it’s about as “close to trance as Nelson Mandela is to indie punk.” So in a sense he backed up his claims that ASOT has moved away from trance as the mau5 most certainly is not a trance artist.

However, yesterday Joel came out on Twitter to say that he’s playing at Ultra and at the ASOT stage “coz Eric””. We know that the two artists heavily respect eachother, and also are good friends as seen by their coffee run and B2B sets they’ve done in the past. Hopefully this also means we’ll get to see a collab between the two progressive house mammoths, and we can only imagine how epic that would be. What remains to be seen is whether or not Joel will actually play a trance set (it’s unlikely) or if it’ll be the set he’s been touring with for a while. With the past few weeks and the coming months ahead in his new studio, we’re expecting quite a lot of new music to be played, hopefully some of which will be from the upcoming Project Entropy which deadmau5 has been teasing on his Soundcloud for a while now.