Deadmau5 unveils two brand new progressive house tracks

The revival of the career of world-renowned DJ and producer deadmau5 continues as he recently dropped two brand new tracks on his Soundcloud page. Over the years, the Canadian artist has been recognized for his creativity and versatility in music production, but one particular genre that placed him on the top of the league once is progressive house.

Titled “gg” and “saved”, these two mind-blowing tracks he uploaded certainly bring us to an enthralling melodic journey from start to finish. Consisting of his classic signature sounds, we can say that deadmau5 has finally returned to his old, but awesome, roots.

The first track “gg” kicks off with a slow introduction of chilling and breathtaking melodies. An oscillating chord progression then commences, alongside some well-meshed plucks and percussions. The second track “saved” provides the more uplifting feel with its awe-inspiring melodic sequences and eye-opening progressive sounds. From the beginning until the end, this particular tune definitely takes its listeners to a euphoric roller coaster ride of a lifetime.

With these two nine-minute tracks unveiled, it is great to see a bigger glimpse of what deadmau5 has cooking up in his studio. Unfortunately, no official word has been revealed regarding a studio album but fans should expect more teasers, or even an official announcement, from Joel Zimmerman anytime soon.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut