Dirty South

Dirty South reveals some details for upcoming album

Dirty South is just hot off the heels of his acclaimed second artist album “With You” which was only released in late 2014, but the Serb-Australian is back in the studio and plans are well underway for his third album. The as yet untitled third album will follow on from the more emotive and less dance floor driven  “With You” which showed a complete departure from what fans were used to.  This was followed on with the beautiful “Find A Way” which brought a blend of this more melodic emotional sound with Dirty South’s typical progressive sound.

He shared the below photo on his socials earlier today, and revealed that the LP will feature 15 tracks which will likely be never heard before from fans. While all of the track titles are blurred out, we do get an insight into some of the production techniques which will feature on this record such as live pianos and drums which will no doubt add diversity to the albums sound. This is definitely one to look out for and if released this year it’ll surely be a contender for one of the albums of the year.