Birdy – Keeping Your Head Up (Don Diablo Remix)

Don Diablo had a massive year in 2015. Topping Beatport charts and finishing the year are one of EDM’s best selling artists is a credit to his persistent pursuit of quality, variety and consistency in a scene with numerous figure-heads and big names.

Now renowned for his imaginative remixes, Don Diablo now has high standards to live up to after his streak excelled last year. With his first remix of 2016 taking on the tantalizing, and harmonic vocals of the young British luminary, Birdy, he already hadn’t made it easy. With the original being a simplistic, piano key based track, adding electronic flare is almost harder with such a blank canvas to work with. However, being a seasoned veteran and experienced in the field helps transition from idea’s to reality in no time.

Sticking to his signature deeper, futuristic house sound, Don Diablo maintains his status as a leader in the sub-genre. Building from the introductory chords and lyrics, the dropping in over dominant and subtle background layers help transition the track from its original atmosphere to a groovier, dance-infused one. Using chopped vocals as the basis of his progressing drop allows the DJ/Producer maestro to balance a continuation of Birdy’s influence alongside his refreshing interpretation.

With the official video also showing inside clips from his life on the road in recent months, fans can get ever-more Don Diablo action and experience. The audio file has also amassed an impressive 225,000 plays inside 7 days, reflecting the loyal following the Dutchman has gained over the years.

Check out the clip in full below!

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