Don Diablo set to release his upcoming production ‘Tonight’ on his Hexagon imprint

Recently featured on Oliver Heldens Heldeep radio’s 87th edition, this track from Dutch House maestro Don Diablo has everyone talking. Contesting to become the next anthem for party nights, ‘Tonight’ is a song that is mesmerizing in its full glory. Till now there is only rips from the Heldeep episode but with the release date incoming there is much to be happy about.

Featuring vocals snippets and heavy synth work in its build up, the track is very much in line with the sound design and structure that Don Diablo’s Hexagon records has come to be known for. What’s more is that he does this while retaining his evolved sound. The ‘drop’ features groovy house beats and a twist of bouncy sounds. For now this video is all we have but surely release date news will follow!

More news to follow!

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