DVBBS – Angel (feat. Dante Leon)

DVBBS have never been short of attention in the industry, for better or for worse. Whether it is critics, fans or outsiders who have something to say, the Canadian duo’s movements and productions are watched with more interest than most. In turn attracting pressure to impress.

Since “Tsunami” alongside Borgeous, the pair have put their hand towards the likes of “Gold Skies”, “We Were Young” and “Never Leave”, in turn reflecting their variety of sound within their portfolio since their formation in 2012. And to their credit, they haven’t been ones to shy away from criticism and try something new. Now an established Spinnin’ Records leading name, their rise within 4 years is what many budding DJ/Producer’s aspire to attain and experience.

Topped by autotuned vocals from Dante Leon, the track does take a relatively formulaic stance. Running parallel to the main-stage, radio-friendly, lead synth, “Angel” does bring with it some refreshing sounds. Layered with modulated basslines, the deeper tone does bring connotations of a future house influence. But seeing as it is one of the main trends and experimentation points for big-names in the scene at the moment, DVBBS were always more than likely to give it a go.

Having been surrounded by controvery over the authenticity pf their work, DVBBS never cease to bring an infectious atmosphere and mood to sets, mixes and tracks. “Angels” will likely be a key part of their upcoming appearances this summer, along with more material set to land in the coming months.

Check out the official video below, which has already accumulated 300,000 views in 2 days on YouTube,to get your copy today!

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