Dzeko & Torres Feat. Alex Joseph – Home

Canadian based DJ duo, Dzeko & Torres is back with another high energy festival banger, “Home”. Julian Dzeko and Luis Torres has widened their fan base with magnificent collaborations with Tiesto, Chuckie and the like in the past year. Not to mention their remix of Odesza’s “All We Need”, which reached #1 on Beatport Pulse. Their ability to craft progressive mainstream house tracks is no secret and “Home” will become another great track to add to your playlist.

“Home” possesses all the qualities of a new mainstream favorite. Breaking in with enchanting vocals from Alex Joseph, accompanied by a soft piano melody, Dzeko & Torres has layered down a solid platform to further elevate the track. Then hits the intense, relentless bassline and a powerful chord progression, the duo has successfully added the “banger” factor in “Home”. Check out the track below.

Available now on Beatport.