Eric Prydz’ EPIC 4.0 Setup Does Not Disappoint in New York City

After watching countless videos of Eric Prydz’ EPIC 3.0 hologram setup, it was hard to fathom how he would be able to top it.  The problem was, we simply forgot that we were dealing with a Swedish musical genius.  It is easy to say that Eric Prydz’ EPIC 4.0 setup is simply mindblowing after being unveiled to three sold-out shows in New York City this weekend.

While I could attempt to describe the setup, I do not believe that my words could do it justice.  Just watch some of the fan footage from the show and be amazed.

Eric Prydz – Midnight City (Remix)

Pryda – Run

Eric Prydz – Rio (Remix)

Eric Prydz is taking EPIC 4.0 to The Palladium in Los Angeles this weekend for two more back to back shows, with tickets still available here.  Make sure you do not miss out on the incredible opportunity to see one of the most remarkable stage setups we have ever seen.  Well done Mr. Prydz.