Hellberg ft. Aaron Richards – Synchronize

With releases such as “Better”, “Slumberparty”, “The Girl” in the past year, Sweden’s rising talent Hellberg is back on Monstercat with his mesmerizing new vocal track ‘Synchronize‘ featuring New York based singer Aaron Richards. While previous works leave high expectations on Hellberg, the talented producer remains true to his personal sound and manages to live up the expectations set on him.

Encapsulated around a touching story presented through Aaron Richards’ captivating vocals, ‘Synchronize’ is perfectly threaded into Hellberg’s own progressive bliss. Balanced around a constantly evolving atmosphere, a subtle yet ever-present progressive piano together with the emotive vocals, ‘Synchronize’ supplies the listener with a truly enchanting musical soundscape.

‘Synchronize’ is available on the 19th of February, and is already out exclusively on Spotify.

Check out the story behind “Synchronize” and listen to the Soundcloud preview below.